COLORBOND steel fences are secure, strong, durable and can make a stunning addition to your home or perhaps your office. With a vast array of designer colours, there is definitely a colour to match the scheme of your property.

Colorbond fencing has become a very popular fencing choice for homeowners. A Colorbond fence has advantages over the more traditional boundary paling fences in terms of toughness and aesthetics. If you happen to live on a sloping block, the colorbond fence panels can be stepped or raked to follow the contours of the ground. It is visually appealing, with its clean, modern lines.

Colorbond fences look great on both sides, unlike the timber paling fencing that has railings along one side. No need to fight with your neighbours – as nobody gets the bad side.

Colorbond fence panels are extremely tough – they won’t burn, be destroyed by termites, rot or warp, and can withstand even the strongest of winds. They are almost maintenance free, you don’t have to paint it, just give it a hose down to wash away any dirt and dust. Because of the fences structural advantages, it is an extremely cost effective way to fence your property.

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