Barbed Wire and Razor Tape are designed to prevent intrusion along perimeter fencing by even the most aggressive intruder. With its extremely frightening appearance and difficulty to cut, it makes for a cost effective form of security. It can be incorporated into new fencing or retrofitted to an existing fence line or structure.

With three different size galvanized steel barbs available

Concertina’ Razor Tape come in a continuous coil in several diameters. The concertina is formed by clipping together adjacent loops at regular intervals, and It can be self supporting along the top of the fence.


  • Prisons and Police Stations
  • Military Compounds
  • Power Stations / Airports / Refineries
  • Government Buildings
  • Factories and Industrial Sites

Barbless Razor Tape can give an effective anti-climb barrier without causing personal injury by removing any sharp edges or spikes. The anti-climb coil prevents an easy access to property. It also has an improved strength requiring greater force than regular razor tape to cut through.

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