Manufactured for the security industry, it is used for its strength, appearance and anti climb / anti attack profile.

Securemax fencing blends into its environment well and provides great vision due to its horizontal apertures – somewhat inconspicuous in nature. The horizontal apertures also make it extremely difficult to penetrate, providing delay factors unsurpassed by other fencing materials.
Minimum uniquely designed components mean the fencing can be easily installed, and can be stepped or raked, making it suitable for varying level sites.

The zinc aluminium alloy coating together with the zinc provides for extreme corrosion resistance providing both longevity and cost effectiveness.

Often used in the following applications:

Correctional Facilities

Roads and Bridges

Railways / Airports / Shipping Ports

Power Stations / Water Treatment Plants

Additional add ons include:
  • CCTV
  • Electric fencing

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